—– Annuncio Vincitori —–

Un onore ed una grande soddisfazione per ciò che l’Allard Award rappresenta a livello internazionale!
La mia foto copertina del Progetto ‘Beauty In Hell: Bellezza nell’Inferno’ è stata selezionata come vincitrice del primo premio all’ Allard Prize for International Integrity. Qui sotto l’annuncio ufficiale.


The Allard Prize Committee is delighted to announce the winners of its November 2013 Allard Prize Photo Competition for International Integrity.


Beauty In Hell Project
Through the streets of Mathare Slum (Nairobi). The contrast between the innocent beauty of the young girl, the vivid diffidence of the boy behind her, the finality of the desperation shown by the man on the ground and the indifference of the people passing by. This is the ensemble of feelings that runs through these slums every day.

Congratulations to Massimo Barberio of Italy, Tony Corocher of Italy, Sucheta Das of India, Sourav Karmakar of India and Nadge Mazars of France (now living in Columbia) for their successful entries. The entries chosen reflect the ideals of the Allard Prize through compelling images that capture the themes of courage and leadership in combating corruption, and of human rights or anti-corruption generally.”

“This prize will enable UBC Law at Allard Hall to take a leadership role in promoting the transparency, accountability, and checks and balances necessary to establish human rights and economic development around the world.” Peter Allard

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