This woman was living on the edge of a small road going down a valley. There were just 3 houses and a small village at the bottom of the mountain. Beautiful view but very hard living conditions.
Woman with children looking after the harvest near a village at the border with China.
In the same village from the previous image... while some women were busy preparing the sticky rice others took care and looked after the children.
Women working to make sticky rice which will then be stored away. The rice is squashed into a pulp and will be turned into a paste to be used in many different ways.
Living conditions are extremely hard in the mountains in the North of Vietnam, especially during the very cold winters. These families do not have electricity or running water.
Young woman preparing a meal inside her home.
Ethnic Minority Village, north Vietnam.
This old woman was getting the land ready to plant some kind of seeds.
Old and young women taking care of everyday things in a small village down a remote valley on the border with near China.
Ethnic women from nearby villages at a small local market in the main town.
Ethnic, traditional and modern... the new mix. This woman is part of the local ethnic community but she has embraced the "new, modern ways".
Women planting trees during the night.

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